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Crazy California

January 5, 2014

Just when I thought California could not get any wackier, I am suprised.   The California Supreme Court has ruled that an admitted illegal alien should be granted a law license.    Just what universe do these men of the robe live in?  They obviously publicly flaunt the law of the land apparenty making it up as they go along.   They all probably deserve to be impeached.

Hero or not?

December 3, 2011

     I have been fascinated for years at the admiration that those on the left have for President Franklin Roosevelt.  It borders on fanaticism.  What is the source of this hero-worship?  I have undertaken a study of the Presidency of Roosevelt to make this determination.

     Myth 1  Roosevelt ended the Depression.  Fact is that despite multiple social programs and the expenditure of record amount of tax dollars, the unemployment rate continued at record levels.  It was in fact the lead up to World War 2 with full employment that ended the depression. 

     Myth 2  Roosevelt was an honorable man.  Fact is that it is documented that Roosevelt had at least one extra-marital affair and probably many more during his residence in the White House.

     Myth 3  Roosevelt cared for people.  Fact is that it was during his presidency that the internment of Americans of Japanese ancestry took place.  Also, it is clear that the President ignored the concern of many humanitarian groups concerning the plight of Jews in Europe.  It was his wife’s urging that spurred him to improve the lot of blacks in the military.

     Finally, Roosevelt was the first president to ignore the presidence of only 2 terms for a president.  It was his arrogance that led him to the belief that only he could handle the problems facing the nation.

    Yes, indeed; he was quite a character.


Serious about spending

September 24, 2011

Just when is this administration going to get serious about reigning in spending.? They occasionally give a good talk. But the evidence tells a different tale. No adjustment to social security or medicare. 16 dollar muffins for DOJ meeting. Loan guarantees to green companies that never should have gotten them.. Trillion dollar deficits. A pending Obamacare  that will bankrupt the country. What does the administration talk about? Raising taxes on millionaires. Come  on Mr. President get serious

The voter’s have spoken Mr. President and they have rejected your message.

September 14, 2011

     Yesterday, the voters  in a traditionally Democratic congressional district in New York elected a Republican Bob Turner to fill the remaining term of disgraced Anthony Weiner.  What is remarkable about this is that this is the first Republican elected to this district in 90 years.  Mr. Turner ran a campaign making Barack Obama and his policies the issue.  The voters responded and overwhelmingly rejected the President and his policies.  Democrats tried to put a positive spin on this without success.  This bodes well for the Republicans in the upcoming election. 

     Perhaps it is time for the President to re-examine his policies and his message.

Useless laws

September 14, 2011

     These a few random musings about various laws that are not enforced.  Locally, on Sheridan Road on the north side of Chicago, there are signs posted no bicycle riding on the side-walk.  We have lived in this area over seven years.  I have never seen anyone arrested or ticketed for violating this law.  Bicycle riders are supposed to follow the same traffic laws as cars–things like stopping at stop signs, red lights.  Once again, I have yet to see a bicyclist ticketed for violation of these laws.  Yet on a daily basis, I see bicyclists flaunt these laws.  Another favorite of mine is no cell phones will driving.  I have done unofficial surveys of traffic and estimate that over 50% of drivers ignore this law.    Dog owners are supposed to clean up their dog poop.  For the most part they are good at doing this.  However, there is a distinct minority that walk their dogs at nite so that they do not have to do this.    It is a requirement that drivers are supposed to have auto insurance.  Yet its is estimated that over 40% of drivers carry no insurance.   There are various laws regulating cigarette smoking.  Many of these are violated on a regular basis.


     This is just a partial list.  I am sure you can think of a few.

More of the same

September 13, 2011

     First we hear the President’s message about a job creation bill.  It turns out that this is more of the same.  Another stimulus bill; spending money that we do not have.  Now, we hear about how this turkey is going to be financed.  Once again, it involves increasing taxes on people making over $250,000.  This is the same old message from the president.  There is no way this will pass both houses of Congress.  I have to ask when is this president going to get real and quit playing political games.  Looks like not soon.

Social Security

September 11, 2011

     Recently, there has been an uproar from the left concerning a statement my governor Rick Perry calling Social Security a Ponzi scheme.

     Many seniors feel that they are entitled to their monthly checks believing that they paid into the system for it.  However, lost in this rhetoric is the truth about the program.

When Social Security was enacted during the Roosevelt administration, the percentage of senior living to 65 and older was much smaller than currently.  Also, with the retirement of baby boomers at such a high rate, the system is stressed.  Add to this the fact that the Social Security fund has been raided for years to pay for programs that the government could not afford.

     Many Democrats insist that the system is solvent and stable.  I would call these individual ostriches.  Many Republicans insist that changes are needed.  Ideas proposed are raising the retirement age; modify cost of living allowances, etc.

     There needs to be a dialogue now to modify the system.  This is a responsible thing to do.


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