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Gurdon Hubbard

July 3, 2016

What is going on here?

September 9, 2010

     Several weeks ago, Andrew Breitbart published excerpts from a video which appeared to show Shirley Sherrod –an employee of the Department of Agriculture exhibiting racial intolerance.  Before viewing the entire video, the Secretary of Agriculture asked for Ms. Sherrod resignation.  The NAACP condemned her activity.   What is lost in this debacle is the role of Ms. Sherrod in the Pigfored settlement. 

     The Pigford settlement refers to a suit brought by African-American farmers alleging that the Department of agriculture discriminated against them in providing loan and other benefits.  A settlement was reached in which a dollar settlement was provided to affected individuals.  

     What is lost in all of this is the fact that the number of applicants exceeds the number of African American farmers in the United States.  Is this another example of people applying for free money?   These are people that are not entitled to this money.  This is fraud pure and simple.  This whole mess needs to be investigated.

A Fine Mess

July 8, 2010

     The U.S postal service recently announced that they need to raise postal rates by 1-2 cents to help pay for the increasing debt. 

     How long are we going to put up with this mess?  The fact is that they  use of the mail has been decreasing constantly.  People are using email and texting to comminunicate.  Yet the post office continues with the same bloated bureauracy.  There are post offices in multiple small towns.  Year after year no significant changes are made. 

     Come on.  Let’s do a complete overhaul of the postal system.

     I fear what may be coming in the health care system with government involvement.


June 7, 2010

  We are constantly told that the U.S. is a country of laws.  If this statement is true, then I believe we are rather a country of anarchy.  The flaunting of laws at local, state and federal levels is mind boggling. 

     I live in a major metropolitan area.  Daily, I observe people driving through stop signs, red lights.  I see people using their phones to talk and text despite laws outlawing this.  I see people ignoring speed limits.  Our city has a gun law but it is obvious that it is ignored on a daily basis by residents.

    Our state–Illinois is in a financial mess because it refuses to balance its budgets.  Pension funds are not funded. Politicians are in bed with special interests.  Our ex governor is a joke for the numerous offenses he has been indicted for

    Look at the federal level.    Top cabinet officials have in the past not paid income taxes.  Our attorney general will not indict thugs from the American Black Panther Party for intimidation in front of a polling place.  This same attorney general refuses to look into allegations of illegal behaviour by the White House in offering jobs to candidated to drop out of elections. 

     Our whole immigration policy is ignoring several statutes.  These include violation of federal policy to enter the country illegally, violation of laws outlawing the hiring of illegal aliens.  Finally, there is the total hypocrisy of the sanctuary cities not only ignoring immigration laws but also preventing the enforcement of federal statures

     Yes, we are anything but a country of laws,

My Christmas Wishes II

December 12, 2009

     I am a native of Chicago.  With the exception of 13 years, I have  lived most of my life in the Windy City .  I think I have a working knowledge of the city and its shortcomings. 

     For as long as I can remember, the political organization has been controlled by the Democratic party.  Their candidates are almost always elected.  It has gotten to the point that Republicans do not even field candidates for many of the elected offices.

     What is the legacy of a one party system in Chicago?  Corruption is rampant.  I can even begin to count the number of alderman that have been indicted.  Bribing of city inspectors is epidemic.  Despite all efforts of reform, much of the city hiring is political. 

     The city mass transit system is a mess.  It is constantly on the brink of bankruptcy.  There are yearly threats of mass service cuts and huge fare increases.  It infrastructure is crumbling and poorly maintained.

     The unemployment rate is above 10 percent recently.  There are some neighborhoods where this level is present chronically.  Many are scamming the public aid system and unemployment insurance.

     neighborhoods are segregated despite so-called diversity efforts.

     The Chicago Public School System is a disaster.  Achievement levels lag behind the national averages.  Drop out rate is astronomic.  Hours of actual schooling have continued to decrease.   The only thing that is constantly increasing is teacher and administrator salaries.

     With all of the problems facing the city, does the city council attempt to find solutions?  Of course not.  Instead, it passes ordinances banning foi gros and big box stores.

     Finally, lately news has come out about multiple organizations choosing alternative locations for their conventions.  It seems that they are concerned about costs and feel that they are excessive at McCormick Place in Chicago.  However, this is not a recent problem.  It is due to many factors; not the least of which is unions gouging exhibitors; inept administrators, and padded payrolls.  This has been known for years.  Typical for Chicago, nothing has been done to remedy this situation.

     In view of all of the above, my Christmas wish is that the citizens of Chicago have an epiphany and vote out these corrupt government officials immediately.  It is well past the time when we should tolerate such corruption and ineptitude.

My Christmas Wishes

December 9, 2009

I have I have decided to publish a series of blogs about my Christmas wishes.  This first installment is my wishes for the residents of the State of Illinois.

     1) I hope the residents of Illinois will finally come to their senses and vote out the career corrupt legislators.  It is far over- due

     2) I hope that there will be a new group of legislators who will: end the profligate spending and pork barrel projects; finally solve the chronic problem of the unfunded pension liabilities; pass a meaningful cap on contributions to legislators; solve the malpractice crisis in our state

     3) I hope that the residents of the state will finally elect a governor who is honest, ethical, and has a spine.  For too long our state has to suffer through mediocre politicians, many of whom end up in prison on corruption charges

    4) I am hopeful that 2010 will see the end of the antics of our ex-governor.  Hopefully, he will be tried and found guilty and sentenced to many years behind bars.

    5) I am hoping that the residents of Illinois will discover that there is indeed a two-party system consisting of republicans and democrats

   6) I am hoping that 2010 will see the end of the Roland Burris saga.  I am looking forward to a senator who knows what the truth is.

    7) I am looking forward to a new future in which the State pays their bills on time, ends programs of waste and fraud and finally balances their budget

Lessons from the Great Depression

December 2, 2009

     I have recently finished reading a book entitled Lessons from the Great Depression for Dummies written by Steve Wiegand.  I found this fascinating because of several parallels with our recent recession

     Listed as causes of the Great Depression are the following:

          Overabundance of Credit.  Apparently people were buying all sort of big-ticket items on credit.  This certainly appears similar to our current state.

         Speculation in the stock market.  Once again, this sounds very familiar

          A shaky financial industry.  Apparently, banks were deep in speculative investments.   Does this sound similar to risky mortgages which were one of the big causes of the current recession?

     During the Depression, the government instituted many plans to deal with the unemployment,homelessness, etc.  The role of government in private lives was markedly expanded.  Government expenditures increased markedly.  The result of this activity was no apparent improvement of the depression.  Hight un employment rates continued until shortly before World War 2.  This improvement occurred because of the country gearing up for the war and supplying our allies.

     My conclusions are first of all that we have learned nothing from history.  The causes of the depression remain.  As is clear from most historians, the government intervention was overall a failure.  Yet we are doing some of the same things again.  This is just plain stupid


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