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Is Obama wrong about GITMO?

September 26, 2009

As President Obama began his presidency last January, he made a pledge to close GITMO within one year.  Was this a fool hardy promise?  With approximately 4 months until January, it appears that this promise will not be fulfilled.  Even senior White House advisors are admitting that this cannot be done.

     Just what is the hold up?  It appears that even Democratic legislators are not on-board with the closure of the facility.  Congress has denied funds needed to close the facility.  Are they more realistic than Obama?

    It appears that there are at least 3 issues that have yet to be resolved.

     1) New rules for military tribunals have yet to be determined.

    2) Alternate locations to  incarcerate the detainees have yet to be found

    3) It has been difficult to find host countries for the detainees when released.

     It appears to be time for the President to re-think his ill-advised decision to close GITMO so precipitously.


Ultimate Hypocrisy

September 25, 2009

     This week has once again demonstrated the ultimate hypocrisy of the left.

     First there is the Massachusetts legislature.  Several years ago, when John Kerry was running for president and Mitch Romney was a Republican governor of Massachusetts, the Democrat controlled state legislature was fearful that if Mr. Kerry won, the governor would be able to appoint a Republican to complete the remainder of the senate term.  Their paranoia drove them to pass a state law ending the governor’s right of appointment.  Fast forward to this last week.  The Democrat controlled legislature decided to change the law again to enable the Democrat governor to appoint a replacement to fill Senator Edward Kennedy’s term until the special election in January.  Their justification was that many important issues in the Congress required that Massachusetts have 2 senators immediately.

    A similar incident occurred recently in Illinois.  The governor Ron Blagovich–who was charged with corruption and pay for play scandal- appointed Roland Burris to fill the remainder of Barack Obama’s senate term.  The appointment was tainted from the beginning.  At first the Democrat controlled legislature considered calling for an immediate election to choose a replacement.  Not much later, the Democrats suddenly changed their thinking on the matter.   Their excuse was that a special election would be too costly.

     The second incident concerns ACORN.  This organization apparently cannot tolerate the bad publicity that it generates by its activities.  They have decided to file a suit against James O’Keefe–the film document producer exposing  ACORN as a corrupt organization.  Their thinking must be if you can’t accept the message, kill the messenger

Where is the justice in the Justice Department?

September 22, 2009

  There have been a few recent decisions in the Justice Department that causes one to ask–where is the justice in the Justice Department M. Holder?

     First there is the incident involving the New Black Panther Party.  On November 4, 2008, members of this organization were deployed at the entrance of a Philadelphia polling place.  These individuals wore the uniform of the party and brandished  police style baton weapons.  They harassed voters entering the polling place.  The incident was captured on video and there were credible witnesses.  Suddenly in May, this case was dropped by the Justice Department.  No explanation was provided .

     An investgation was conducted by the Justice Department of an alleged pay for play scheme in New Mexico involving among others Governor Bill Richardson.  It was alleged that ADR Financial Products received 1.5 million dollars in fees from the state after donating $100,0oo to Richardson’s effort to register Hispanic and Native Americans as voters and to pay for expenses at the Democratic convention.  As a result of this investigation, Mr. Richardson was forced to withdraw his name as a candidate for Secretary of Commerce in the Obama administration.  Suddenly in August, this investigation was cancelled without any explanation.

     But instead of pursuing these creditable investigations, Mr. Holder insists on investigation of CIA interrogators during the Bush administration.  It seems to make no difference that this was already investigated and that this course of action has been condemned by multiple prior CIA officials.

     I have to ask again where is the justice in the Justice Department, Mr. Holder

College Cost Reform

September 19, 2009

     The subject of health care reform has been covered in the press and television.  One of the big reasons given for this massive program is the marked increased cost of health care

     Using this a model, I am proposing college cost reform.  Just think about this, in 43 of the last 49 years, college costs have exceeded the U.S national inflation rate.  This trend for college costs to exceed the inflation rate shows no evidence of improving.  There are many causes for this.  First of all, the number of students has been steadily increasing.  Parents appear to be still willing to pay such inflated costs because of their perception that college is a worthwhile expenditure.  Finally, colleges appear to run their business unlike most others.  Traditional businesses seek to trim costs to produce a competitive products.  This does not occur in the academic world.    Prestigious universities maintain the mystique that high costs are part of their appeal.

    Because all of these factors, I propose college tuition reform.  I am hoping that I can get the democrats onboard on this program.  First they should mount a pr program emphasizing that college is a right for all.  Secondly, they can emphasize that college reform is a moral issue.  Once the ground work is laid, they can develop an expensive government program that we really cannot afford.  The democrats can then attempt to ram this program through the House and Senate.    I suggest that they set an arbitrarydeadline to pass the program of 6 weeks.  It is really important that no one reads the content of the bill.  If opposition develops, demonize them.  Call them nazis, racist, and in bed with the college lobby.  Finally, they can have President Obama, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Cosby stump for this bloated program and speculate that any one opposed to this is most definitely racist.

     What a great program


September 19, 2009

     Up until a few years ago, I thought ACORN was a type of nut.  But then there was the news about the fraudulent voter registration by people working for this organization.  This occurred in many states.  Congress declined to investigate.  This despite the fact that ACORN received government subsidy.  John Conyers(D, Mich) who initially said there should be an investigation, later stated that the powers that be did not want one.  Then there was the revelation that one of the officers of Acorn has apparently embezzled money from ACORN to the tune of one million dollars.  But there was no investigation.  Now recently a free lance investigator taped a man posing as a pimp and a woman as a prostitute going to several ACORN offices attempting to arrange for a mortgage for housing for underage prostitutes Congress did not investigate.  However, both the Senate and the House did vote to de fund this organization.  I find the fact that this organization has been receiving federal funds for years and there has been no investigation astounding.  Is someone hiding something?

     In an amazing show of gall, Acorn is lashing out against the Fox News Channel and Glen Beck.  When you do not like the message, kill the messenger.

     Now is the time for action.  I suggest that we all write or email our congressman and senators.  May be they will act and investigate.  Of course, I also thought that after the town-hall meetings in August, our representatives would change  their stand on health care reform.  I was wrong on this count.

     In a news story, it was announced that Mary Travers of Peter, Paul, and Mary has passed away after a long battle with leukemia.  The group was a fixture during the 60’s.  They were also big into the anti war movement.

What is with the Illinois Senators?

September 16, 2009

    Recently, ACORN has been in the news.  Unfortunately, none of this recent publicity has been positive.  An independent film maker has provided a fascinating and disturbing view of this flawed organization.  Fast on this news, the U.S. Senate has voted to with hold some public fundings to this organization.  Only 7 senators voted against this measure.  Unfortunately,2 of these senators are from Illinois–Dick Durban and Roland Burris.    I say unfortunate because I am a resident of Illinois.

     Just who are these two Senators representing?  Certainly not conservatives.  Certainly not citizens that are disgusted with cronyism and corruption.   They are a disgrace to the citizens of our state.

     My only hope is that when the upcoming election to fill Burris seat occurs, that voters will remember the activity of the democrats.

     An aside that has no relationship to the previous paragraphs–celebrity bad behaviour.

     First there is Serena Williams acting like a spoiled child at the US open tennis tournament; then there is Kanye West acting like a total jerk at the VMA awards.

     This is another set of examples of the entitlement attitude of far too may celebrities  When  will the public learn not to tolerate this?  Soon I hope

The Stimulus Package is Working

September 14, 2009

    I an happy to report that it is my observation that the stimulus package is working.  Months ago, when we were told that it was absolutely necessary that such an obscene spending be passed, I had my doubts.  It was even more disconcerting to me that apparently only a minority of congressmen and senators bothered to read the bill that they were voting. 

     But now I am seeing the results of the bill.  Suddenly, through out the Chicago area there is road construction literally everywhere.  Commute times are significantly increased for literally everyone.  The roads are rough and uneven while they are working on them. 

     I have a list of the businesses positively impacted by this stimulus.  First there are gas stations.  Due to the increased commute time, there is increased waiting in traffic.  More fossil fuel is burned,

     Car repair.  Suspension sytems on cars are stressed.  Brakes are excessively worn down in bumper to bumper traffic.

     Tire Dealers.  New pot holes created during road construction are a hazard to tires.

     Yes indeed, thank you President Obama and Congress for this wonderful stimulus to the economy